nanometer architecture office

A former snack bar that had been vacant for over 20 years was renovated into an office in a commercial building in Sakae, Nagoya’s downtown area. The long counter, mirror ball, box seats, and other glittering traces of those days were still there.

When we are in the office, we spend most of our time in front of our desks. We spend most of our time at our desks, doing everything from drawing, meeting, eating, and taking breaks. For us, a desk is like a “desk” for individual use, a “table” for many people, and a “room” in itself. I created an office with a desk that can be anything.

When the existing ceiling and floor were dismantled, an inverted beam appeared from the floor. h=280 high, the beam was used as a foundation for the desk, and the top was enclosed to create a small room floating in the room. The area of the room was too small to be divided by walls into an office and a rest room. In this room, people work by leaning forward into the desk, and lean back when taking a break. The aim was to encourage people to change their minds by going in and out of the desks in a small room floating in the air.

The area where the office is located used to be a nightlife district, but buildings are gradually being rebuilt and tenants are being replaced, and many high-rise condominiums are beginning to appear. I wanted to leave traces of the unique colors and glamor of that time, and to mark the history of the prosperity of this area, so I prepared this desk with a lighting mechanism that changes to any number of colors. It is a work desk, a long table, a gallery or a store, and it has the ability to be anything.It is a solution that pursues the right amount of “like” in the accumulation of “like” required in an office.

nanometer architecture office

location: Enpire Building 402, 4-17-27 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi,Japan
principle use:office/lecture room
structure:4F of 6F RC building
total floor area:70.2㎡
contractor:Hirata construction
photo:ToLoLo studio
design period:2020.8-2020.9
construction period:2020.10-2021.1