01. Consultation

Please feel free to contact us here. It is also possible to meet in person for consultation. It doesn’t matter if the land and tenants are not decided and the requests are not settled. We will cooperate as much as possible with regard to the contents necessary for designing such as location selection and survey. Consultation is free.
* Web conferencing using zoom, skype, etc. is also possible.

02. Presentation contract

After the meeting, we will sign a presentation contract in some cases. The presentation fee is about 100,000 to 300,000 yen. We will make a comprehensive judgment based on the difficulty, scale, location, etc. of the project.
* It is 100,000 yen for a general house. In either case, the presentation fee will be deducted from the design fee if this contract is subsequently reached.

03. Presentation

Based on your request, site and tenant conditions, we will organize legal conditions and create a proposal. We will give an easy-to-understand presentation suitable for each project using models, CG, drawings, illustrations, etc. During the presentation period, we will consult with you regarding the scale, usage, start of use, etc.
* In the case of a general house, one month is required for the preparation period.

04. Design supervision business contract

If you agree with the design policy based on the proposal, we will conclude a design supervision business contract. We will continue to discuss plans and details in future designs. The plan will grow. At the time of contract, we would like you to sympathize with our way of thinking and the concept of architecture.
* At the time of contract, 10% of the contract amount will be charged. (Guide)

05. Basic design (about 3 months)

We will repeat the examination of plans, materials, structures, equipment with basic design drawings, models, CG, etc. so that the owner’s request can be fulfilled, and summarize the basic design that is the outline of the architecture so that you can be satisfied. If necessary, we will make a rough estimate at this stage and provide you with a rough estimate.
* In the case of a house, we will have a meeting about once every three weeks.
* 30% of the contract amount will be charged when the basic design is completed. (Guide)

06. Implementation design (about 3 months)

After receiving approval for the basic design, we will continue to discuss more detailed usability, such as the texture and color of the finishing material, the type and position of lighting, and the number and size of kitchen drawers. We will hold several meetings and compile the implementation drawings.
* 25% of the contract amount will be charged when the implementation design is completed. (Guide)

07. Quotation / confirmation application (about 2 months)

Request a quote from several construction companies. After that, we will scrutinize the submitted quotation, propose a reduction plan if necessary, and adjust the cost. When the amount is ready, we will decide the construction company and make a construction contract.
After the construction amount is confirmed, we will submit a confirmation application based on the implementation design drawing. It may be necessary to notify other related parties due to ordinances. Construction will start after the confirmation certificate is issued.
* There may be no confirmation application depending on the renovation, interior work, and construction area.
* 15% of the contract amount will be charged when the quotation adjustment is completed. (Guide)

08. Construction / site supervision

Regularly visit the site and check if the construction is done according to the design documents (site management work). We also carry out inspections with structural designers as appropriate. We will also have a meeting with the owner as needed.
* It takes about 6 months to 1 year to construct a general house. However, we will adjust the completion time from the presentation stage so that we can respond to the time when the use starts.

09. Completion

Completion inspection will be conducted in the presence of the owner and delivery will be carried out. At that time, we will explain the maintenance method and how to use the equipment.
* 20% (remaining amount) of the contract amount will be charged at the time of completion. (Guide)

10. After-sales maintenance

One year after delivery, we will carry out a one-year inspection with the construction company. We will properly repair the parts that need repair. After that, please feel free to contact us for usability and points of concern.

Design fee

The design supervision fee is assumed to be about 10 to 20% of the total construction cost (excluding consumption tax). However, it will be calculated individually based on the scale, usage, etc., based on the calculation method based on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s business compensation standard. Details will be explained separately as it varies from project to project.

* If the total construction cost is small compared to the scale, the minimum charge setting may be applied.
* Transportation fees may be charged separately for projects in remote areas.
* The design fee does not include the preparation fee for confirmation application and the application fee.