nanometer architecture

Nonaka’s n and Mitani’s m, connecting the acronyms of each other to nm. It is derived from the fact that it became a symbol of nanometers.

Let’s summarize a little about nanometers.
One of the International System of Units (SI) prefixes, which is 10-9 times the underlying unit (centimeter). Introduced in 1960, it is said to be derived from νάνος (nanos), which means “dwarf” in Greek.

I think micrometer (μm) is a relatively common unit.
The thickness of the paper, the hair (100 μm), and the capillaries (10 μm) make the world one millionth smaller than that.
The virus (10 nm) and DNA diameter (2 nm) are nanometer-sized.

In the nano world, a world that is very different from the micro world will spread.
It is so small that it has a large specific surface area (volume / surface area), which makes it highly reactive, and even the same substance can change its properties by making it as small as nano. Normally, there is space for electrons to move around, but in the nano size, there are restrictions on the movement of electrons. In other words, it seems that it is possible to operate one electron.

Focusing on nanomaterials enables top-down construction of materials from materials to bottom-up construction of atoms and molecules. You will be able to self-organize like a living thing without the waste that has been carved out. The approach is completely the opposite of the conventional production method.

When I was investigating such things, I began to wonder if nanometers are close to our philosophy.

We believe that building an architecture is like a supplement for the ultimate goal, providing a place, proposing an event, and then inducing it to create an atmosphere.

In Japanese, “建築” means architecture., [建Ken] means to give an opinion, and [築Chiku] means to firmly create a system status property. In addition to building and building, think about what you can do based on the knowledge of architecture and the knowledge of all fields that we have accumulated (building), create a place that matches without sticking to building, and experience and experience it. It can be said that (building) is also architecture. I think that actions like a blurry design that is out of focus on the building also create an atmosphere.

From the top-down thinking of building architecture, we take the bottom-up stance of accumulating things that are not the seeds of small architecture. With something other than architecture in the background, we are like nanoparticles with a large surface area. We will break down the conventional stereotypes to nano size, change the nature of the architect’s function as if creating new DNA, think about the big whole beyond the city planning that can not be overlooked, and make various people happy. To do. That is what we aim for in nanometer architecture.

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Company profile

Name:nanometer architecture Co., Ltd.
Address:460-0008 Enpire Building 402, 4-17-27 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi,Japan
Nearest station:Nagoya Municipal Subway Higashiyama Line “Sakae”,”Yaba-cho”
Employees: 8 (including 3 first-class architects) as of June 2022
First-class architect office
Member of Aichi Society of Architects & Building Engineers
Member of Architectural Institute of Japan

Business content

1. Planning, design and supervision of architecture, interiors, landscapes, exhibition halls, etc.
2. Planning, design and supervision of renovation and conversion
3. Furniture, product and fixture design
4. Corporate and community development design consulting


2017.03  Selected for “Under 35 Architects exhibition 2017” (Shima Doctor Project)
2017.06  Winner of the 3rd “Future Architect Award” sponsored by the Tokyo Society of Architects (Shima Doctor Project)
2017.07  Adopted 100BANCH GARAGE Program (Shima Doctor Project)
2017.12  “Mitsui Detached Architecture Idea Competition” Winner

2018.09  Selected for “Arts Challenge 2019” Aichi Triennale Regional Development Project
2018.11  Aichi Architects Association 10th Architectural Competition “Architecture to Create” Excellence Award (Renovated a Seaside Villa)

2019.04  NAKA→Award 2019 (Renovated a Seaside Villa)
2019.07  International Architecture Awards 2019 house design grand prize(Renovated a Seaside Villa)
2019.07  International Architecture Awards 2019 interior design 2nd prize(Beauty salon in Harajuku)
2019.07  International Architecture Awards 2019 Pop-Ups & Temporary 3rd prize(Bell made of bells)
2019.09  The 36th Home Remodeling Competition Excellence Award (Renovated a Seaside Villa)
2019.09  Institute of Cetacean Research Taiji Branch Facility Proposal Finalist
2019.12  UDAD AWARD2019 Residential Single Family Third Award (Renovated a Seaside Villa)

2020.01  27th Aichi Machinami Architecture Award (Renovated a Seaside Villa)
2020.07  Ikeda-cho Herb Center Glass greenhouse renovation work implementation design proposal best
2020.08  “JOIN 083” Daimaru Shimonoseki store design competition 2nd prize
2020.09  dezeen award 2020 longlists(PALETTE)
2020.09  KUKAN OF THE YEAR 2020 ShortList(PALETTE)
2020.10  JIA Excellent Architecture Award 2020 (PALETTE)
2020.11  SKY DESIGN AWARDS 2020 Bronze (PALETTE)
2020.12  The 6th Chayamadai Housing Complex Renovation Competition Grand Prize

2021.06  Proposal for the Preservation and Utilization of a 670-year-old Japanese Cedar Tree Grand Prize
2021.08  34th Nikkei New Office, Incentive Award for Chubu New Office
2021.10 2021 Excellent Wood Use Facility Contest Excellence Award (Linimo Terrace)
2021.10 KUKAN OF THE YEAR 2021 Longlist(nanometer architecture office)
2021.10 Good Design Best 100 (House in Shima)
2021.11 Wood Design Award 2021(Linimo Terrace)

2022.02 29th Aichi Machinami Architecture Award(Linimo Terrace)
2022.02 Aichi Architects Association 10th Architectural Competition “Wandering architecture” Excellence Award (Linimo Terrace)
2022.05 25th Wood Utilization Contest, Wood Utilization Award (Linimo Terrace)
2022.08 Public Proposal for the Design of Rest Area and Other Design Work for the 2025 Japan International Exposition Excellent Proposer

Lecture / Review

2017.10  “Under 35 Architects exhibition 2017” Grand Front Symposium
2017.10  “Under 35 Architects exhibition 2017” Grand Front Gallery Talk
2017.11  “Under 35 Architects exhibition 2017” Shima City Hospital “Hospital Festival” Lecture
2017.12  “Glaze for the architect-Future Architects and Prospects-” Shumokukan Lecture
2017.12  “ARZ LECTURE Vol.1” Mie University Raymond Hall Lecture / Review
2017.12  “Seven Vector Exhibitions” Tohoku University Lecture
2017.12  Kyoto University of Art and Design Correspondence Education Department Environmental Design Issues (Apartment Housing) Lecturer
2018.02  Judge / Lecture at “Niigata Graduation Design Exhibition Seeeion! 2018”
2018.06  Sugiyama Jogakuen University Masayoshi Hashimoto Laboratory Graduation Design Interim Presentation Guest Critique
2018.10  “SHOUT VOL.8″ Lecture hosted by Uno Laboratory, Daido University
2018.10  Hokuriku Architecture Student Group SAK Sponsored Fukui Lecture
2019.02  Meijo University Graduation Design Jury
2019.08  Next Generation 2019 Challenge Review
2020.02  NAKA→Award 2019 Commemorative Lecture ”
2020.02  Meijo University Graduation Design Jury
2020.03  NAF2020 Chubu Graduation Design Exhibition Jury
2021.02  Meijo University Graduation Design Jury
2022.02  Lecture at the Nagoya Meinan Branch of the Aichi Society of Architects and Building Engineers
2022.02  Sugiyama Sugiyama Jogakuen University Graduation Design Jury
2022.02  Meijo University Graduation Design Jury


2016.10  Parallel Projections sponsored by Architectural Institute of Japan
2017.10  Under 35 Architects exhibition 2017
2017.11  Under 35 Architects exhibition 2017 traveling exhibition at Shima City Hospital “Hospital Festival”
2017.12  Glaze for the architect -future architects and developments-
2017.12  Seven Vector Exhibitions
2019.02  Arts Challenge 2019 Exhibitions


2017.07  japan-architects  “Beauty Salon in Shibuya”
2017.06  U-35 Exhibition Operation Book 2017

2018.02  Architectural Journal February 2018  “7 Vector Exhibition”
2018.03  Architectural Journal March 2018  “Let’s talk about the future of architecture”
2018.06  SHOTENKENCHIKU 2018.7  “Beauty Salon in Shibuya”
2018.12  “Renovated a Seaside Villa”

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2022.05  SHOTENKENCHIKU 2022.5 “Linimo Terrace/Home Support Nagoya South Home Clinic”
2022.06  NHK Meet God’s Tree Nippon Giant Tree Tour “Shinmei-Osugi Cedar”
2022.07  architecturephoto “Home Support Nagoya South Home Clinic”

Atsumi Nonaka
First-class architect (No. 366994)・Real estate notary (Aichi Prefecture No. 055796)

1984  Born in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture
2007  Completed the bachelor course of Chemistry and Biological Engineering,Nagoya University
2009  Completed the master course of Genetic Engineering,Nagoya University
2011  Graduated from Urban Design College Aichi Architecture Department
2011-2016  Worked at Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects
2016  Established nanometer architecture
2019-2020  Part-time lecturer at Tokai Polytechnic College Kanayama
2021-2022 Part-time lecturer at Nagoya Women’s University
2020-  Part-time lecturer at Daido University
2022-  Part-time lecturer at Nagoya Zokei University


Yuki Mitani
First-class architect (No. 365002)

1985  Born in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
2009  Graduated from Syusei Technical College
2011  Completed the bachelor course of architecture, Mie University
2013  Completed tha master course of architecture, Mie University
2013-2014  Worked at the facility maintenance team of the Mie University Facility Department
2014-2017  Worked at SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE
2017  Participation in nanometer architecture
2018-  Part-time lecturer at Daido University
2019-  Part-time lecturer at Meijo University
2021-  Part-time lecturer at Sugiyama Jogakuen University
2021-  “Aichi Triennale 2022” Architect
2022-  Part-time lecturer at Aichi Institute of Technology


Yuto Takemura
Shogo Harada

Part time
Shiori Fujii First-class architect
Yusuke Yokoi Meijo Univ. M1
Sayuri Yamamoto Nagoya Univ. M2

Project staff
Atsuya Suzuki