“Knowledge Corridor” Cetacean research facility for tourism and research

A proposal to pass the first screening of the proposal, which is an internationally important base for whale research and has been proposed as a base for the knowledge of the “Whale and Sea Ecomuseum Taiji”. It is a corridor-type research facility centered around the Taiji Townsman Forest on the site, and the corridor has a library function. We proposed a new research institute where researchers from different positions, local residents, and tourists can meet various knowledge in the same place and learn from each other.

“Knowledge Corridor”
cetacean research facility for tourism and research

name: Institute of Cetacean Research Taiji Branch Facility Basic Design / Implementation Design Business Consignment Open Call Proposal (6 out of 80 finalists)

location:Taiji-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
co-design:withU architects
structural design:Dicks
equipment design:Mu Partners
structure:wooden/steel-framed one-story building
floor area:1350 m²
planning period: 2019.8

Taiji-cho HP